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BUS FACTORY is a leading Polish and European manufacturer and distributor offering comprehensive bus and minibus sales services. Our team has extensive automotive business experience. We specialize in adaptations based on vehicles of such brands as Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Volkswagen Crafter, Iveco Daily. Performing our services, we follow best trade practices. Both our management and every team member are devoted to broadening their skills and knowledge.

Our present and future Clients come first. Professional and honest customer service is crucial to us. Buying a vehicle from us, you get the desired quality at a reasonable price. We provide our Clients with comprehensive service from the moment they issue an order - helping them finance the purchase and offering after-sales technical services. We invest much effort in our ongoing development, to produce modern, safe, reliable and comfortable vehicles. Our team members are passionate about automotive business. When they design and fit the vehicles, they keep searching for new technical solutions, which are even more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

When fulfilling our orders, we try to meet all requirements and offer the best possible solutions. The buses we produce feature unique interiors with attention to detail, which has influence on their design and passenger comfort. We offer a wide range of vehicles with varying seat arrangements - from 9 to 24 and various interior versions: VIP / Tourist Line / Intercity / School bus / Special.

Many Clients have trusted us. We hope for long-lasting collaboration also with your company.


In our company, bus and minibus production is conducted in halls designed specifically for that purpose. To meet the requirements and gain competitive advantage, we have equipped the production halls and stations for comprehensive vehicle adaptation with specialist tools and machines, enabling productivity increase and achieving top quality of products offered. Technical equipment and proper hall adaptation is one of the rigid requirements of the ISO 9001:2009 standard, which is a guarantee of our buses' high standard.

We are fully aware that due to the kind of work we do,
people are one of our biggest assets. Our well trained technical team has the right qualifications and the experience, which translate directly into product quality. As we keep improving our skills and knowledge and have a consequent training policy for the entire team, we have the possibility to introduce new practical and stylistic solutions. This way, we follow all the latest automotive trends.

Bus Factory uses only materials and components by renowned companies, with all the standard, European certificates. This way, we can guarantee high quality, durability and reliability of our vehicles. We are fully convinced that the domestic and foreign suppliers with whom we have worked offer us the right products.

We make every effort for the buses and minibuses we produce to become top quality products with modern design, which will translate into your satisfaction and our company's success.

Producer buses and minibuses

BF is a leading dealer and manufacturer of buses and minibuses on the European market.       While performing a contract we try to meet all customers’ requirements and offer the best solutions. Vehicles we produce are characterized by unconventional modifications and planning everything to the last detail, which influences the design of the vehicle and its users comfort.

We provide a wide range of vehicles with different seat arragements from 9 to 24 passangers including adaptation for wheelchairs, as well as a variety of interior fittings: VIP/Tourist Line/Intercity/School bus/Special. In our COC documentation we have of weight types for different bus and minibus configurations: 5.5t, 5.3t and 3.5t.

We use only European components for our buses and minibuses and we cooperate only with high quality parts producers. These factors render our vehicles functional, safe and comfortable for passangers. Buying our vehicles means getting the quality you require at competitive prices.

We have already gained the trust of many customers and we hope for many years of cooperation also with your company.


For all the buses and minibuses manufactured at BUS FACTORY, you receive all the necessary certificates and approvals, which are required to register a vehicle throughout the European Union. All the components which we use to produce our vehicles have the necessary permissions and certificates.

We have got a European bus type approval no. 2007/46/EC for the M2 and M3 vehicle category issued in accordance with the European Union Directive. The European homologation can be used in various fitting configurations and seat arrangements, including an adaptation for people with disabilities.

Thanks to the European whole vehicle type approval and the certificates that our company has obtained, you can take the top quality and passenger safety of our products for granted.

We hold also a number of separate approvals for the vehicles we produce when it comes to:

seat mounting safety,
ISOFIX anchorages and seat belts
wheelchair spaces assembly

The technical solutions of BUS FACTORY have been meticulously tested at institutions like: PIMOT, ITS, IDIADA. We keep extending our technical documentation, so that we can meet all of your demands. Our management and technical staff keep developing their knowledge and skills by participating in various specialist automotive industry courses and workshops.

We provide up to 5 years’ warranty for our buses and minibuses, and our ISO 9001:2009 certificate is a proof of our services’ high quality.

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