Ask for your personalized offer by using the below form. We will flexibly create your price offer based on the lenght of the program, distance of your destination and the size of your group.

Due to the different individual needs and the wide variety of our services, it is hard to calculate with fixed prices, therefore please discuss with us before you order any of the services.
The following useful information can come handy:

The settlement of the costs could be done either based on an hourly rate or the distance traveled.

  • When using and hourly rate, minimum 3+1 hours will be invoiced.
  • If choosing the distance based approach, at least 250 km will be calculated.

The customer must cover the followings: highway and road tolls, city fees, tunnel and ferry fees, parking fees, outside the boundaries of Budapest accomodation and meal for the driver(s).

The VAT for services in Hungary is 27%, international transportation is VAT free.

Bus rental, coach rental, minibus rental
Safe and high-quality services on domestic and international routes.